Updates in December 2022! Shelly and I have moved to Matthews, North Carolina, and have been searching for a new church this fall. On December 11, 2022, I had a chance to teach and facilitate a Sunday School class at Caldwell Presbyterian Church in downtown Charlotte, focusing on “Resistance Narratives,” which is the fourth chapter of Susan J. Dunlap’s 2021 book, “Shelter Theology: The Religious Lives of People without Homes.”

I recorded a 30 minute summary of the lesson, and have included that video below along with the lesson slides. These resources and more information about the "Easter's Home" project at Caldwell are available on this post on my Christian blog.

“Resistance Narratives” Chapter 4 of “Shelter Theology: The Religions Lives of People without Homes” 11 Dec 2022 by @wfryer

Update 12 Feb 2023: Shelly and I joined Caldwell Presbyterian Church in January 2023! We continue to attend the ACE Sunday School class, and I've started a page of shared class resources.

Welcome to our Sunday School Class website!

Class Title: Finding Jesus in Media

Description for 2021-22:

Using the Bible as well as resources from "The Chosen TV Series", BibleProject.com, and  Harvard's Veritas Forum , we will explore how we can encounter Jesus and deepen our personal relationship with Him through contemporary media sources. Taught and facilitated by Dr. Wesley Fryer.  (More details are available!) 

This is an adult Sunday School class at First Presbyterian Church of Edmond, Oklahoma, taught by Dr. Wesley Fryer. Our 2021-22 classes start on August 23, 2021. We meet in person at FPC Edmond each Sunday from 10-11am Central Time (room 2126) and also provide a Zoom option for virtual attendance.

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