Media Resources

In addition to our archived class lesson recordings / videos (available for 2020-21 and 2019-20), this page includes a variety of videos and media resources related to our studies and conversations. Most of these are included in this YouTube playlist I maintain titled, "Faith and Science."

I'm also maintaining a YouTube playlist (also embedded below) of our class lesson recordings from Sunday Mornings. My ability to readily share this was significantly facilitated by our COVID-19 lockdowns and the fact that since March 2020, we've been meeting virtually via videoconference. (Initially via GoToMeeting, then via Zoom.)

Finding Jesus in Media

Our 2021-22 Sunday School Class

Wes Fryer (@wfryer) periodically shares links and resources on Twitter related to faith and science, and the topics of this course. View these as a live Twitter search for the hashtag #FaithScience by @wfryer.

Wes also publishes some of these Sunday School class lessons on his Anchor podcast channel, "Class with Dr. Fryer.

Videos & Media Resources Related to Our 2020-21 Lessons

Videos & Media Resources Related to Our 2019-20 Lessons

Intelligent Design

  1. William Paley and the Divine Watchmaker (2 min)

  2. Stephen Meyer, Signature in the Cell: What is intelligent design? (3 min)

  3. Intelligent Design: Crash Course Philosophy #11 (9.5 min)

Most of the YouTube videos we've watched in class (and many more) are included in Wes' YouTube Playlist, "Faith and Science."

Slides for our January 12, 2020 lesson on "Intelligent Design" are available with additional resources. (All lesson slideshows are linked / embedded / available the homepage of this website.

Francis Collins

1.5 hour VIDEO: Francis Collins at The Veritas Forum at Caltech in 2009

4 minute VIDEO: Francis Collins on "The Language of God"

Apollo 8 - Christmas Eve Genesis 1 & EarthRise



Understanding CRISPR (5 Levels)

YouTube Playlist: CRISPR & Ethics

News Articles

  1. Doctors try CRISPR gene editing for cancer, a 1st in the US (AP, 6 Nov 2019)